Hello and welcome!

Save & Sound is a collective of sound designers based in the Netherlands. We're focused mainly on Game Audio but make regular forays into other aspects of (digital) media. We provide sound design, composition, and integration services and have one of the most awesome teams in Europe.

We're always on the lookout for interesting, crazy, or fun projects of any kind or budget to sink our teeth in to. We prefer personal and long-term relationships with our clients which we believe will create the best possible product.

Interested in working with us?  Please feel free to get in touch! Shoot us an email, or let's hook up for a cup of coffee/beer/milk (we prefer beer).

Save & Sound

Our Team


Arjen Schut

A technical powerhouse, Arjen has worked on games for well over 14 years. His expertise ranges from integration to foley recording and can solve a problem before he has had a cup of coffee in the morning (black, no sugar).


Ramon Kerstens

An industry veteran of 12 years who previously worked for Force Field VR and Vanguard Games, Ramon’s work has focused on sound design & composition. His work has been nominated for several GANG and Dutch Game Awards. Only likes rainy days when there’s Netflix involved.



Niels van der Leest

Founder of the Game Audio Squad and an award-winning composer and sound designer, Niels is one of the driving forces behind innovating and solidifying the Dutch game audio community. Niels was one of the main composers in Horizon: Zero Dawn.
He's also a classically trained percussionist who can't stop tapping his fingers, even if you ask him nicely.


Jonathan van den Wijngaarden

With an impessive triple-A record, Jonathan van den Wijngaarden barely needs an introduction. He's the Netherlands most prolific game-composer, having worked on titles such as Star Citizen, Arizona Sunshine and Tom Clancy's End War.
Jonathan is a synth-enthusiast and knows more about Star Wars than anybody realistically should.